LICANTROPIA (lycanthropy)
27’ |

Licantropia is an atonement of the figure of the werewolf, a creature shaped by men-kind as a scapegoat to give contour to cruel acts perpetrated by humanity through the course of history. Narrated by the moon during the course of a night and merging fiction and reality, the film is a collage of 16mm, digital, engravings, texte and anonymous testimonies. The werewolf, a hybrid being, operates always “in between”, transitioning around the limits of reality and invention, lie and truth, history and stories : it is an amalgam that merges in one single image the human and the animal, operating as an approachable bridge to investigate civilizing processes of domination through history.

 | 2018

Ventura is an essay on the worlds, creatures and fantasies that inhabit the days of now: strange blurred mixture of a so called magnificent progress and sad nature. Mr. Ventura was born and raised in Angola, surrounded by elephants. Today, 40 years later, he makes his living by caring for an iron and wood elephant - a monumental tourism attraction, a mixture of automaton and contraption, lost in a city in the interior of France.

"Here, my poor elephant / ready to leave / and search for friends / in a world already tire / that no longer believes in animals / and doubts things."

LOBISOMEM  (werewolf)
18’ | 2016
Werewolf is a film and the outcome of a six months research art residency Bols Pampulha, in Minas Gerais - Brazil. Researching the figure of the Werewolf through the maxim “man is a wolf to man” and thinking about a creature like this in our time took me to the image of a deactivated iron- mining field: a men-shaped dismantled mountain. The land eaten by the mouth of the machines are the human part, and the brutal nature that lasts despite the exploitation, the wolf. A mining field is a landscape created by human tools — a post apocalyptic ruin of soil, an entropic scenario projected in order of the production of a so-called developmental progress, in the shape of fossil energy. An empty and silenced artificial contemporary desert.

A DOENÇA DA MORTE (the sickness of death)
10’ | 2012

CRIATURA (creature) 
10’ | 2016

MORTINHOS (litte dead ones) 
5’ | 2013

PROGRESSO (progress)  
4’ | 2014

A car moves towards a dense, bulky, gloomy, grayish pink cloud and then penetrates the darkness. The audio, a mixture of beats and photographic flares, belongs to the artist's sound archive, and was recorded during the demonstrations against the World Cup in 2014 in São Paulo, Brazil.

TERRENO (land)
9’14’’ | 2014 

Terreno uses promotional films from American companies specialized in the production and sale of prefabricated houses to investigate the processes developed by man to protect himself from contingencies such as natural disasters. In these films, inside an industrial warehouse, full-scale models of houses undergo resistance tests to artificial natural phenomena.